Pertandingan Sahibba WOW

  • 25 Aug 2018
  • Dunman High School

Supported Programme Fund

Dates : Tarikh
25 Aug 2018
Target Audience : Golongan Sasaran
Malay Special Programme (MSP) Students
goh :

Details of Organisation Butiran Pertubuhan

Company phone Number :

Details of Contact Person Perincian Pemohon

Email Address : Alamat E-mel

Objectives of Programme Matlamat Program

Programme objectives Matlamat Program

To inculcate interest in Malay language and culture as well as building their vocabulary and knowledge in the subject.

Synopsis Sinopsis

Sahibba WOW is an annual Malay Scrabble competition for Malay Special Programme (MSP) students. Participants will compete in two categories - upper and lower levels for three rounds.

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