Overseas Immersion Programme for Malay Language Curriculum Leaders in Melbourne, Australia.

  • 11 Jun 2019
  • Melbourne

Signature or Flagship Programme Fund

Dates : Tarikh
18 Jun 2019
Target Audience : Golongan Sasaran
Selected Teacher Leaders
goh :

Details of Organisation Butiran Pertubuhan

Company phone Number :

Details of Contact Person Perincian Pemohon

Email Address : Alamat E-mel

Objectives of Programme Matlamat Program

Programme objectives Matlamat Program

Enabling and elevating selected Malay Language Curriculum Leaders' professional development.

Synopsis Sinopsis

1. Welcome address by Dean of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Prof. Jim Watterson and tour of the University of Melbourne. 2. Academic Lecture by Laureate Professor John Hattie 3. Inquiry Project Consultation with Dr Amy Berry 4. Closing and Farewell Ceremony

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