List of Approved Programmes for CPEF 2023

  • 01 Apr 2023
  • Singapore

Cultural Performance Exposure Fund

Dates : Tarikh
31 Dec 2023
Target Audience : Golongan Sasaran
Pelajar (Sekolah Rendah/Sekolah Menengah/PSEIs/IHLs)
Ticketed : Bertiket
Price for ticket : Harga Tiket
S$ 0.00
goh :

Details of Organisation Butiran Pertubuhan

Company phone Number :

Details of Contact Person Perincian Pemohon

Email Address : Alamat E-mel

Objectives of Programme Matlamat Program

Programme objectives Matlamat Program

To complement the teaching and learning of Malay Language by providing experiences to enrich students’ learning and love for the Malay Language beyond school. The funding provides opportunities for students to experience and be immersed in local Malay cultural performances.

Synopsis Sinopsis

Do note that the list is non-exhaustive and will be updated with more programmes by our partners from time to time.
MLLPC Consolidated List of Programmes for CPEF 2023

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